Advice for Female *New* College Students

As a mom whose daughter is leaving to attend college next month, I have given my daughter lots of advice, many of which I will share with you all. I know there are youngins out here who cannot talk to their parents about these things, so I will be that person for you. Some of these should be common sense, but sometimes a person simply needs someone else to tell them what to do. Ready?

Don’t go to frat parties. Ok, let me rephrase this because I know you’re gonna go anyway. Don’t go to a Que Party. I love the Bruhs, especially those Wholesome Ques, but trust me baby girls, you ain’t ready. Not yet, anyway. You’re a freshman. And don’t go because you are trying to see what’s up or because I said not to. You will attend their parties, but please, not during your freshman year. Depending on your campus, insert any frat.

And since you are going to go to frat parties, don’t drink the juice. And please, do not take drinks from people you don’t know. Hell, don’t take drinks from guys. You will find yourself the next day with a major hangover and your draws down, if you can even find them. So yeah, if you’re going to party, be smart.

While you’re at the party, Be Your Sister’s (Or Roommate’s or Floor Mate’s) Keeper. Don’t leave her at the party. If you all came together, you leave together. I don’t care how much she emphatically tells you she’s fine and to leave her behind. Nope, don’t do it. She’s drunk, young, and dumb. She doesn’t know shit. So don’t leave her. Even if you can’t stand her ass, don’t leave her behind. She’ll be used up like toilet paper and tossed around like a frisbee at the party.

Take control of your sexual health. This is a hard one for me, but as a mom, I have to be realistic. If your kid hasn’t had sex  yet, they will. And perhaps at college. We’ve all heard stories of girls bussin’ it open as soon as they arrived on campus. Those girls end up not finishing freshman year or college at all, for one reason or another. I intend to be the mom that will make sure my girls (my daughter and her roommates) have condoms and not be ashamed about taking care of themselves and their girlfriends. I will be accessible 24/7 to them. Don’t be afraid to buy condoms or Plan B if you or your friends need it. We’re human, we make mistakes. Being in a new environment can distort your judgement. So if you or a friend fuck up, please know there are options. And please take the lead if your friend is freaking out. Take her stupid ass by the hand and make sure she gets what she needs.

Remember why you are at college! You are there to get an education and to make contacts. Don’t get caught up in anything that will not further your life or career. If your roommate or friends are partying too much, tell her ass. She needs to know she’s messing up. If she has turned into a thot bot, tell her! We are all spending way too much money to put your ass in college, so don’t blow this opportunity. Do you know what I or your parents could be doing with this money?! We expect great things from you. So do well. And don’t embarrass me or your folks.

Don’t worry about Greek Life yet. As a Black Greek, I am telling you to wait a while. Many sororities require you to do so anyway. Learn who you are first before deciding to join a sorority. Do your research. Don’t rely on stereotypes. I do recommend that you join other student groups, though. You should have good, clean fun and meet new people.

Practice financial literacy now. Some of you have loans. Save money. Take a financial planning class. Pay the principle on your loans now if you can.

I hope this helps someone. I told my daughter I was posting this and she’s cool with it. Good luck young ladies! If I think of anything else, I will post about it.


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